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Marriage & Family Schema Therapy Institute

Are you sick, or going through deep physical, emotional or spiritual suffering?  Is your marriage clashing or falling apart?  We have learned through Scripture that when a person offers their suffering to Jesus, especially when they unite it to Jesus' redemptive suffering on the cross, such suffering becomes a powerful intercessory prayer.   This is especially true when a couple comes before Jesus and prays together for their marriage.  We offer you this prayer and we pray for you as you read it:


Dearest Jesus:  I offer you this day all my thoughts, words, deeds, joys and sorrows, all my pain, anguish and anxieties.  Take them and unite them to Your ocean of suffering on the cross for the healing of my marriage and my family.  Please may each ounce of the sufferings  I offer  You with all my strength, inspire myself, my marriage and my family.  May however we relate, speak, and are present to each other ever be Jesus-centered and image You. 

Transform these sufferings for Your glory alone and for the healing of relationship with You, my Lord and my God!   Take them as a burnt offering of incense rising up to You, My Love and My Lord!  For I am in Love with You and wish to give you all I am and have.  In union with You, may this gift of myself open my heart and those with whom I come in contact with, especially my spouse and family.  May we be Your Heart, Your Ears, Your Touch.  By Your grace I will speak  Your words in Your Spirit, according to Your Model and way of coping and to the Praise and glory of our Father!  May Your Heavenly Kingdom become  Your Kingdom on Earth by this daily offering.

Additonally, Healing International in our concern for the healing of others, both within the person, with God and with others, needs many intercessory prayer warriors and Co-Missionaries.  Please consider becoming one of our "H.I.  Co-Missionaries" for the work we are attempting to do and for the people whose lives will be touched by the writings and teachings we are providing.  We would be happy to enroll you as one of our Co-Missionaries for this cause.  Please let us know if you are interested so that we know we have your prayerful support behind us!